What’s old and what’s the new – from lockdown to tier 2…

So, what have I been doing here at FabFoodForYou during lockdown 2?

With new restrictions fast becoming part of our daily and ongoing lives, we’ve all had to change and adapt. Fortunately adaptability is what I’m good at!

I’ve had to focus my work away from the larger scale event catering to something that’s always been close to my heart- the personal touch, on a personal scale.

My dinner parties, bespoke meals, platters and other small scale catering offerings remain popular. Please see my website and Facebook pages for more information, menus and ideas- though I’m always happy to cater for your wishes, whatever they may be.

My Sunday roasts have proved so popular that I have frequently sold out! With a weekly selection of different meats- succulent pork, chicken, beef and lamb, delicious roast potatoes and parsnips, rich cauliflower cheese and other fresh vegetables including carrots, cabbage, broccoli, green beans, leaks and even the odd sprout sneaked in, real homemade meat jus gravy and, of course the good old Yorkshire pudding! I’ve even started adding a selection of tempting deserts if you order them specially! A feast delivered to your door with a smile and a cheerful greeting, leaving your tastebuds working overtime at that unmistakable aroma of the best traditional home cooked Sunday lunch.

As I’ve been delivering to a growing number of people I’ve discovered a real demand for simple, traditional home cooked meals, especially amongst my more elderly, less active and possibly housebound clients. This is where the truly personal comes in as I have been able to really stop and get to know my lovely customers. Stopping for a chat with the delivery, heating up and serving the meal to people who live alone and often don’t see anyone else in a day is as important to wellbeing as a good nutritious meal is. I’ve developed a menu consisting of a variety of simple and popular British dishes that are delivered in foil dishes, making it easy to heat up in the oven or re-plated and heated in a microwave.

Examples of the typical fare include beef stew and dumplings, gammon with parsley sauce, chicken in a white sauce with rice, pork steaks with apple sauce, turkey steaks with sunrooms in a white sauce, chicken breast wrapped in bacon with a cheese sauce and a variety of homemade pies with enticing fillings such as chicken and bacon or beef with my own delicious gravy.

All of the above dishes are served with a selection of fresh, locally grown potatoes and vegetables. And don’t forget to add one of my homemade

deserts. Staying with the theme of traditional food my selection of deserts include cheesecakes, crumbles, jam roly-poly, spotted dick and sponges- treacle, chocolate, ginger and others. All of course served with my creamy custard.

I’ve been making and baking away too, so with the main orders I can provide a variety of other homemade ware. If you want to add delicious quiches, savoury tarts, scotch eggs, pork pies, individual meat pies, sausage rolls etc then I can supply these with the meals.

I am now able to provide fresh, tasty, delicious and nutritious meals five days a week to people that want it, with 2 extra meals delivered on a Sunday alongside the roast and a couple of dishes delivered on Wednesdays. All my meals are easy to store in a fridge and to re-heat as and when wanted. And with the extra little things I offer I feel I can deliver an almost complete service.

As always I use fresh, locally and sustainably sourced produce from trusted suppliers. This complements my love and belief in fresh, healthy, nutritionally balanced food, produced and made with love and care. I really like to think that delivering a regular supply of suitable, convenient, delicious, tempting, varied and affordable meals ready to heat and eat provides a necessary, important, individual and personal service that can be much needed in our present circumstances. That, as well as the regular contact with someone, a smile, a chat, a joke, someone to keep an eye out on things, sharing a worry or two provides the sort of more complete care that the price of a takeaway or food delivery service alone can’t buy. I would like to feel that I’m helping to feed the body, the mind, the heart and the soul. That personal touch on a personal level.

I’ve really enjoyed building my FabFoodForYou family and friends and look forward to continuing to do so.