What You See is What You Get

You must know those moments when you see a picture of prepared food and think, I can do that. Then you read the ingredients and method and think, no I can’t, haven’t got all that in the cupboard and to go out and buy it all (when you probably won’t ever use it again) would be too time consuming and expensive.

Well, at last I have seen a winter warmer meal, got all the ingredients in my cupboard and actually made it. Best of all it was a great success with the men, which is always the best result to get.

It was good old Facebook, which doesn’t often live up to its word. The only part that didn’t live up to its word was the sentence that said, this will become the staple go-to on cold days and be as quick to do as the faithful Lasagne. Nope, it will not become a quick go-to when time is short as it is a bit messy and a bit time consuming.

The picture that inspired me…

The picture of my efforts before baking…

The method included mixing the meat with beaten eggs, flour, herbs and spices, onions and shredded cabbage. I am not fond of slopping my hands around in food but I was determined to see this through.

The recipe did say when all the component parts are assembled then mix some tomato paste with water. I felt that was a bit bland so I found a Lloyd Grossman tomatoe and garlic sauce in the store cupboard and poured that over before grating some Black Bomb Cheddar ( bit extravagant but I do like cheese with flavour) and sprinkling on the top before placing in the oven for 45 minutes – and it was cooked to perfection at 45 minutes. See next picture

The finished dish…

Served sprinkled with a bit of chopped parsley, a side of batten carrots and it was very tasty. One portion was left over and hubby ate that for his lunch the next day.

I guess I would speed up the prep time now I have done it once and as it was such a success, so will produce it again in the future. Click on or copy and paste the link and get the recipe, actually worth the effort this one.

This is the link to find the recipe so you can try it: https://sweetandsavory.co/recipe-meatballs-potatoes-meal/?fbclid=IwAR0_K6QO3MQdTwgtai7Js_4SCTVK6Jk116q5QuMuZQNB1a_irqdgkZFUL18