Planning Your Wedding

Some special person is getting married and this triggers masses of excitement and thoughts about what each person sees as the perfect wedding. This also triggers a whole cartload of stress as the days, weeks and months progress to the big day. To minimise that stress and enhance the excitement and anticipation it helps if you have some professional people around that can guide you through the biggest stresses that organising such a day to perfection has need of

In a wood with nature all around.  In manicured gardens with flower bowers over the happy couple. A country church with a long pathway to an arched doorway. A seaside hotel with picture windows and views over the sea. The dreams and the lists are endless.

So, what is the most important starting point.

Easy, choose your date and choose a place (city, town, village, country place) then the Church for a formal wedding or an alternative and you have the foundation to start with the all-important detail.  

The all-important detail will take many, many people to deliver it to perfection and within a seamless, flowing process on the day. This needs a timetable and the collective co-operation of a great many people with all the different skills needed. So, who are they and how do you find them.


What are the benefits of using local businesses?

Inestimable is the answer.

You can spend spent the months before the wedding learning the technical side of event planning or you can find a local business that can do that for you to whatever degree you feel comfortable with. 

For instance, finding a venue that meets for the wedding/reception can hold a host of snags; does the venue have sufficient parking for your guests without the problem of traffic wardens? If there is to be a bar, who has to have a licence? Is a licence needed? What about music if there is to be an evening of music and dancing?  What if the decorations don’t turn up? Local businesses doing this for a living will have encountered a whole host of last minute  and legal issues and will have the contacts to ensure the problem goes away quickly. They do it for a living and understand the processes and problems like no-one else. They know how to get licences; can arrange safe delivery for such things as flowers and untold other issues. This is their job and they are passionate about the detail and the timing knowing just how important this very special day is.

Using a local business means you are getting a local expert..


Along with their expertise comes all the benefits of their connections and experience for everything you will need and this includes getting it at an the best price.

From flowers to decoration of the venue to catering to photographers to tablecloths to early access to the venue and so much more they will help you to accomplish the perfect day more smoothly than if you were to tackle this alone. Each one of those people bring even more skills to the planning and outcome of your perfect day as they have knowledge of just what is available from wholesale vendors or rental of, say, vintage furniture to cars and how to get those little known discounts in the process. They, in their turn, support the local businesses and vendors.


Having a local business with or without a wedding planner will enhance your experience of planning for the big day.  The excitement and ideas will not just be yours but both families will have their own ideas and opinions, some strong and some of these may clash or detract from the excitement. A planner or major business involved will respect your views and wishes and join in your excitement in helping you to achieve the perfect wedding day, they will never tire of talking about it with you.

This day is the first day of the formal blending of two families, this is not just about planning your wedding it is about planning your life together. 

Planning a wedding is high on the list of the most stressful situations to be encountered in your life. You really don’t need to spent the build up to the wedding day being stressed out with all the nuances and details of such a big and important day.  With a  professional, local business in your corner you will have time to relax and enjoy the nicer things in the planning process (food tasting for the catering, trial days with hair and make-up for example) You can enjoy the preceding planning and lay down lots of good memories of the whole process.

A recent piece of research showed that 95% of couples planning a wedding said it was stressful and the majority of them related experiencing real stress related symptoms. You have to remember that you’re not just planning a wedding, you’re also planning for your life together and blending two families. You don’t need to spend your engagement in a stressful manner..


There are many businesses out there to choose from, whether you choose one firm to handle it all or talk to several providers of wedding services, it is your choice and you make those decisions. The aim is to find people you trust and can work well with, there are not right or wrong ways of choosing. Find what works for you.