Fabfoodforyou Festive Favourite

Here at Fab Food For You with Christmas just around the corner we have been busy catering for dinner parties and festive gatherings. Although the weather has been reasonably ok the temperature we are sure will soon plummet but there is one thing we are always stocked up on here at HQ… Wine! We think there is nothing better than a cup of Warm Mulled Wine in front of the fire on a chilly evening.

At Fab Food For You we love nothing more than a good ol’ party! I’m sure some of you are aware… we love nothing more than having friends round to our cottage in our spare time. Mulled Wine is one of those drinks that bring everybody together in our summer house gatherings! It’s perfect, warms us to the core and is simply delicious!

Most of you will know what Mulled Wine is but for those of you that don’t, essentially it is amalgamation of usually Red Wine, spices and dried fruit. The spices usually consist of: Star Anise, Cloves, Nutmeg and Cinnamon. Dried fruit usually being Orange peel and Raisins. The wine is gently heated in a pan to absorb the flavours.

Over the years we have formulated (roughly) our Festive Favourite, which is as follows:


1 bottle of Red Wine

1/4 cup Sugar

1 Star Anise

2 Cardamom pods

3 Cloves

1/2 sliced Lemon

1 dash of Horseradish Sauce

drizzle of dry Sherry to finish each serving.

simply add the Red Wine to the pan and add the spices and Sugar. once brought to the boil leave to simmer for 40 minutes. in the last moments of simmering add the slices of lemon. When serving ladle into mugs or glasses, whichever you prefer! Finally add a dash of Sherry and a garnish of Orange!


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