Canapé Menu

These menus have not been exhausted so any alterations can be made to

create a bespoke menu specifically tailored to your requirements. Starting

from £7.50 a head (2023) £8.50 (2024) £10.50 (2025)

A great option for any occasion, please select six of the following:

Salmon and Cream Cheese wheels

Mini Sausages served hot in Honey Grain Mustard & Fennel seeds

Crispy assorted Prawns & Calamari with Wasabi Mayonnaise

Miniature baby Gem Leaves with miniature Chicken Caesar salad

Surf & Turf pop stick with Tartare dip

Brie & cranberry little gem cups

Crudités and dips

Homemade roasted Pepper Hummus with Pitta fingers and Tortillas

Rare Beef Yorkshire Puddings with Horseradish Accompaniment

Brie and Cranberry wheels

Mini fish and chip cones

Haloumi bacon parcels

Duck wraps chilli sauce

Mini paella cones

Mini Croque monsieur pop sticks

Mini brie bacon pop sticks

Yorkshires with cocktail sausage caramelised onion

*Note that staffing and crockery cutlery glass hire etc. are all extras and on discussion of requirements.

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Contect us for a friendly chat about your eventrequirements – we look forward to
working with you.