5 Reasons Why You Don’t Necessarily Need a Wedding Planner

After all the nervous excitement of that special someone in your life saying “Yes!” has subsided, the reality of the task in hand can seem pretty overwhelming. There’s the car, the food, the bridesmaids dresses and…and…and…we think you get the picture – there’s a lot to get arranged.

There’s an awful lot of pressure to have the best wedding ever, which most usually comes from the bride, the groom or parents wanting the perfect day for their son or daughter. With this amount of arrangement work needed to be done for the big day in question, it’s understandable why so many choose to employ the services of a wedding planner.

The idea of keeping on top of all the necessary arrangements can seem scary, but wedding planners can be so costly and wouldn’t you rather be spending your money on other things, like an exotic honeymoon or a vintage car to take you to the church? Well, to back up our claim, we’re now going to take a look at a few reasons why you DON’T need a wedding planner.

  • Reason #1 – Friends & Family

It can be easy in this kind of scenario to think you need to do everything yourself, with an “It’s my wedding, so I should organise everything” frame of mind. However, if you have a bunch of friends and family who are eager to help you, you shouldn’t be afraid of delegating tasks to them. Many hands make light work and all that.

Simply assign each person a single task and let them get on with it. As long as you are clear with your instructions and use good communication, you can use your loved ones as extensions of your wedding planning team! One job per person is ideal.

  • Reason #2 – Long Timescale

Wedding planners have their place and that’s helping out couples who are busy, affluent professionals with plenty of cash to splash around or people who are really short on time. If your wedding is a year or so in the future, you have plenty of time to get everything organised….even if there’s a ton of stuff sort out.

Just make sure that you write everything down and get confirmation from everyone you book services with in one place so it’s easy to find.

  • Reason #3 – The Cost

There’s no getting away from the fact that wedding planners don’t come cheap. With average costs starting anywhere from £1,000-£5,000 and wedding planners often charging by the hour, having one can take a huge bite out of your wedding budget. This is why doing it yourself is such an advantage if it’s possible.

Look through the average wedding magazine and you’ll find tips and advice on doing it yourself, even if you’re a total novice. All it takes is delegation, organisation and a little family assistance.

Reason #4 – All Inclusive Venues

Another reason why wedding planners can be surplus to requirements are that there are plenty of wedding venues around the UK that offer all inclusive services. Even those who don’t, will invariably have contacts in the local community they can put you in touch with, such as cake makers and florists.

Just be sure to visit each one before you make your decision, as you don’t want to go all in on a location that you’ve never seen. Once you’re happy with a venue, you can take advantage of whatever inclusive services they offer knowing that much of the work is done.

  • Reason #5 – Someone Else’s Tastes

Employing a professional wedding planner can take a good deal of the stress away from your big day, but one consequence of doing so is that some or all of the elements might not be exactly what you would have chosen yourself. So, the question you need to ask yourself is if you’re wanting the “hands off” wedding experience, how much autonomy are you going to give to the planner?

If you want complete control over what happens at your wedding, a wedding planner might not be for you – on top of the reasons we’ve already mentioned.

  • You CAN Manage Without A Wedding Planner

At Fab Food For You, we urge you to consider working without a wedding planner, as your hard earned money can be spent so much better elsewhere. In fact, we would happily put you in contact with the wedding professionals we know in East Sussex free of charge, such as jewellers, seamstresses and photographers. We know what you’re going to say…yes, Wedding Planners Do charge for connecting you to their work friends!

We don’t charge you went we meet up to talk about your wedding catering either (yes, they for charge that too!), as frankly we wouldn’t do that to you. However, what we will do is offer you high quality, memory making catering services to make your day extra special, as well as helping you with anything we are able to – which includes putting you in touch with good professionals that we know that you’ll think are fab!

So, there you have it. You CAN do it on your own and you DON’T need a wedding planner when you get in touch with the right people. So, before you throw your money away on a wedding planner, speak to us first, which you can do by calling us on 07890183293 or by emailing us on jacquie_keeley@hotmail.com.
Rest assured that we will only ever recommend things that are in your best interest, be it people we know or services we provide ourselves.

We thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We hope that it helps you spend money on your wedding where it’s really needed.

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