2020 Christmas Party With a Difference

For most workplaces, December brings us together in a social way to celebrate successes, planning frantically for the rush to finish those jobs before Christmas, and of course, the staff christmas party. There’s nothing like relaxing with your workmates at the end of a year’s hard work.

Now, 2020 has turned out to be a year with a difference … with Christmas not so long away as some would hope, many companies are still working remotely or limiting travel, some businesses may be considering canceling their end of year work parties. Well…You mustn’t!

It seems unlikely you will be able to celebrate in usual style but, even if you can’t host a large gathering, you should still plan a celebration for your team – they deserve it! Christmas parties are great for strengthening relationships with your staff and customers alike. So, what can you do to bring together your team this festive season? Because let’s face it, your team won’t let you forget it if you don’t!

Christmas 2020 is no doubt going to feel quite different, maybe a little strange. But, do not fear, Fab Food For You has come up with a virtual treat for everyone!  A Virtual Christmas Party hosted online gives the opportunity for staff and those favorite clients to chat, and for everyone to catch up with colleagues they might not have seen in person for sometime, while enjoying great food and drink supplied by us at FFFY.


Usually, your Christmas gift to your team is as simple as paying the bar tab at the end of the night or treating them to a meal out. You’re going to have to get a bit more creative this year. After all, amidst rapid change and uncertainty, it has never been more vital to show your employees how valued they are. 

At FFFY, we have noticed many of our customers and friends have been remodeling their plans of a Christmas party into employee gift giving. You could be tempted to say ‘thank you’ by sending each staff member a gorgeous food hamper- which we can provide. There’s nothing quite like having a glorious hamper delivered to your doorstep, is there?

Nevertheless for a truly memorable end of 2020 staff party (let’s face it we will all remember 2020), we put forward, planning the ultimate virtual Christmas party. This year especially, it’s important to give all employees the chance to sit back, relax, share a drink or two, and reconnect with your team!

How to plan a virtual Christmas party online

Firstly, select a date! If it’s a weekend let everyone know well in advance or let everyone finish work early on a friday and organise a Zoom call. Why not send out vibrant virtual Christmas party invitations in advance so everyone can plan ahead, like you would usually!  Get everyone to RSVP with their choice of drink and dietary requirements. We love to support other small local businesses so we can provide local beverages too, we’ve selected Hollow Lane VineYard Bubbles or Furnace Brook Ales, your choice! You don’t have to tell the team why you ask either, surprise them with our hamper!  It will give them a surprise to look forward to!

Dress to the nines… why not!

For most, working from home has meant a slippery slope into lounge wear and fluffy socks, so give them a chance to dust off their high heels and polish their cufflinks to get ready for the liveliest night in a while!

You could even organise a theme or just leave it up to each individual to wear whatever makes them happy. You want your virtual Christmas party to be memorable for years to come. Be sure you screenshot this event, let’s hope it’s the first and last!

A virtual work party to remember

Let’s be optimistic, this could be the one and only time you have the chance to organise such an event. Your team could remember the Christmas Party 2020 forever. Make it special for them and get involved! 

We hope to be working with you soon to bring some joy to the festive season for you and your team. We can work with you to create our hampers as bespoke as you’d like. Having great connections with local crafties who can even personalise items for your team could add an even more special touch for a keepsake to look back at – The Virtual Christmas Party. 

You can order a Christmas Day Hamper anytime on our website full of everything you need for the perfect Christmas Dinner!

Get in touch ! 

stay safe everyone, 

The team at Fab Food For You.